Connectivity benefits that a business really
needs in one automated solution.

Hardware & Services

Fusion Broadband is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) but provides an award-winning certified SD-WAN solution that dramatically improves the customers connectivity experience when applying connectivity purchased from their ISP of choice.

We apply a hub & spoke architecture where the hub is an aggregator in a data centre and the installation of an SD-WAN enabled edge device at the customers business location is the spoke. The hub and spoke architecture is supported by an orchestrator in the IBM cloud. Our architecture enables us to fuse multiple connection types (LTE, fixed wireless, fibre, satellite) from different ISPs to deliver the main SD-WAN connectivity benefits to businesses in a more automated cost effective way.  Also easier to integrate to the existing firewall & network.

Fusion’s SD-WAN delivers benefits & value that a small and medium business (SMEs) really needs, seamless connectivity, aggregated bandwidth usage, accelerated cloud access, clear voice quality with bandwidth adaption, connection security using date encryption and complete visibility of ISP performance and user bandwidth usage via an online portal.

The Customer purchases connectivity directly from their preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a SD-WAN service from Fusion in two steps:

Step 1 – Select a SD-WAN service based on the number of ISP connections to be fused together and total bandwidth throughput from all ISP connections

Step 2 – Selecting the most appropriate hardware unit required based on the total throughput from all ISP connections

Fusion requires a once off hardware cost and a monthly SD-WAN service charge. There are no fixed term contracts, providing the customer total control & management of the service, the freedom to buy connectivity from their preferred Internet Service Provider & terminate services with no penalty. (Fusion can bundle the upfront hardware cost into the monthly services cost payable over a set period)

Three SD-WAN Service Options

Compact SD-WAN Service

One connection | up to 200 mbps throughput

MPLS replacement or voice quality of service

Standard SD-WAN Service

One to three connections | up to 400 mbps throughput

Full SD-WAN features & benefits

Premium SD-WAN Service

Up to seven connections | up to 1000 mbps throughput

Full SD-WAN features & benefits

Three Hardware Options

Edge 200

Edge200 SD-WAN Device | Intel Processor | Intel network controller | up to 200mbps encrypted throughput

Edge 400

Edge400 SD-WAN Device | Intel Processor | Intel network controller | up to 400mbps encrypted throughput

Edge 1000

Edge1000 SD-WAN Device | Intel Processor | Intel network controller | up to 1000mbps encrypted throughput | Fibre options

Fusion offers more value than our competitors

A fully automated SD-WAN solution that can be configured in seconds, installed in minutes and easier to support than most competitor solutions. Designed as an install and forget solution that is faster to deploy compared to router and firewall-based installations. One SD-WAN solution that bundles most of the connectivity benefits that a business really needs and applies to achieve the best connectivity experience. Fusion guarantees that the business will experience the benefits of the solution and is confident to provide an option to terminate services at any time without penalty.

No more reconnecting, calling back, disappearing from online meetings, logging in, loading data, manual change over &  apologising for the cost of a cappuccino a day!

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