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Financial benefits of staying connected justifies the cost of implementing Fusion’s award-winning solution.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it is no longer good enough for a business to depend on single unreliable internet connection or apply manual people dependant failover plan. The risk of the business operations being disrupted has increased through recurring network failures, equipment failures, power failures and denial of service attacks.

Therefore, the reliance of a business on its internet connection to continue operating and generating will inform the need for the Fusion SD-WAN solution. Operations are impacted when employees cannot access vital online applications and systems hosted in the cloud to perform their job requirements. The financial impact is the value of lost operational productivity and the value unfulfilled customer sales orders.

So, to build a robust business case for the Fusion SD-WAN solution, a business needs to determine is the impact of a connection failure. How much does down time cost the business? The single largest cost of being down relates to employee salaries or wages. For example, an hour for a business with a monthly payroll is R500 000,00 with a 160-hour work month is valued at R3125,00. In addition to the value of lost productivity, the inability to execute on sales orders or bill for activities results in the direct loss of revenue. For example, a professional services organisation that bills per hour could lose revenue up to R12000,00 for an hour of downtime. Similarly, a trading company may lose thousands of Rands while being offline if it is unable process orders and accept payments causing customers to buy from competitors who are online.

Depending on the nature and size of the business, preventing the loss of one productive hour, or saving one sale order could be the equivalent to the cost of implementing Fusion’s SD-WAN solution, which justifies the implementation of Fusion’s SD-WAN solution with a second ISP connection. Our experience with our existing customers is that the monthly savings in downtime is more than what the customers initially disclosed when selecting the Fusion solution resulting a significant return on investment to business. At an office park in the North of Johannesburg, some customers experienced 13 hours and 42 minutes of downtime from a total of 246 outages in one month. The Fusion SDWAN solution was used to measure performance of a bonded fibre link and a fixed wireless link as well as user online activity and bandwidth usage. Most businesses have no visibility of the quality of the ISP connection being paid for and are surprised by the results.

Even though the benefits are clear and exceed the cost of the solution, businesses try to delay implementing a solution but at some point any business dependant with a single connection is guaranteed to experience downtime due to a connection failure. However, as businesses continue to migrate their business model online, an SD-WAN solution that applies multiple connection types to keeps businesses 100% online, with faster cloud access, crystal clear voice and greater security against online threats will be a necessity.

Presented below is the Fusion Financial and Operational Impact matrix with respect to downtime:

If the operational and financial impact is high, the business case justifies implementing the Fusion full-service SD-WAN solution will all the features and benefits. If the operational impact is low but financial impact is high, the business case justifies implementing the Fusion limited SD-WAN failover solution. In some businesses the financial impact is low, where a manual people dependent solution or being offline for a few hours is acceptable.


So, the question every business decision maker needs to answer when their internet connection fails is “Can the business afford to be offline when competitors are online?” And how much does down time cost the business?

Fusion SD-WAN is better suited to the South African connectivity environment which has a mix of good and bad networks where our software and algorithms can get better performance from fluctuating ISP connectivity. Fusion has removed the complexity and designed an automated solution with a bundle of benefits for isolated sites & branches. An SD-WAN solution that is easy to configure, install & support with no need for onsite technical support.

Previously only large organisations could afford SD-WAN to stay connected and have the best connectivity experience. Fusion has changed the connectivity landscape by making enterprise grade connectivity affordable to any business. Making all the SD-WAN benefits available in an automated plug-in solution that does not require onsite technical skills to support it and make sure the ISP delivers the quality of service being paid for.

Fusion can help your organisation build a robust business case to financially justify the implementation of a solution to ensure the business remains 100% online. Email, or

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